FIS Rollerski World Cup


European rollerski Championships



The President of the Organizing Committee, the President of XC-ski Federation of Yaroslavl region Victor Popov and the President of Russian rollerski Federation Alexander Zavialov invites you to participate in the FIS rollerski World Cup and European rollerski Championships2006 competition, which will take place in Yaroslavl, Russia from 3rd of August to 6th of August, 2006.


The programme of this sport event is:

Thursday, the 3rd of August:

10.00-19.0         Arrivals of the Nations. Accreditation of the teams in the Race office

(Yaroslavl Sovetskaja square)

16.30-18.00   Official training in small city circuit (500m)

19.00             Team captains meeting - Race office

20.00   Reception for Team Captains (Yaroslavl Sovetskaja square)


Friday, the 4th of August


Morning        Accreditation of the teams, FIS, media, officials in Race office  at Sovetskaja square

14.15-14.55  Official training

15.00            Qualification of Sprint 180m (freestyle technique)

                     European Championships  Master-1,2 categories

                     Sovetskaja square

15.10            Qualification of Sprint 180m (freestyle technique)

                     FIS World Cup and European Championships

                    Junior and Senior Women, Junior and Senior Men

                    Sovetskaja square (Yaroslavl)

16.10            1/8 Finals of Sprint  180m Senior Men

16.20            ¼, ½ and Finals of Sprint 180m

                     Master-1, 2 categories, Junior Women, Senior Women, Junior Men, Senior Men

17.30           Flowers Prize -giving ceremonies

19.30            Opening ceremony at Sovetskaja square (Yaroslavl)

20.30           Following the official Prize-giving ceremonies.

20.45           Team captains meeting - Race office -


Saturday, the 5th of August

9.45            Closing of the roads

10.00-10.55 Official training

11.00            Mass start race in free technique

                     Sovetskaja square (Yaroslavl)

                     Lap 4,2km (height differences 25m/lap)

                     Master-1, 2 categories 5 laps

12.00            Mass start race in free technique All women categories 5 laps

13.00            Mass start race in free technique Junior men 5 laps       

13.45-13.55 Official training for Senior men

14.00            Mass start race in free technique  - Senior men 7 laps

15.15           The official Prize-giving ceremonies. Sovetskaja square (Yaroslavl)

17.00-19.00  Excursion for the teams at Yaroslavl (by request)

17.00-19.00 Meeting of FIS Rollerski Sub-Committee - Race office -

20.00          The dinner for the teams and the discotheque.


Sunday, the 6th of August

09.00            Closing of the roads

09.15-09.50     Official training

10.0                               Team sprint in free technique (2x3 laps) Lap 2,1km

                     Start at Sovetskaja square (Yaroslavl)

                     Junior and Senior Women

10.40           Team sprint in free technique (2x3 laps) Junior

11.20           Team sprint in free technique (2x5 laps) Senior Men

12.15            The Prize-giving ceremonies

13.00            Departures of the teams


Board and lodging:

 According to FIS rules accommodation costs are on teams own expenses.

The cost is as follow:

  1 day of FULL board at no-star Hostel  25.00/ Half Board 15.00

1 day of FULL board at 1-2-Star HOTEL 30.00 / Half Board 21.00

1 day of FULL board at 3-Star HOTEL 55.00 / Half Board 45.00

Prices are per person per day.

Supplement for single room 10 per person per day.


Booking centre:

        Company MBS-tour  Fax: 007 ( 4852) 30-51-66,   ( 4852) 72-90-57,  

        E-mail: mbs@yaroslavl.ru,

The special offer prices only apply to bookings made through the booking centre.


by bank transfer or by credit card before departure.


How to reach Yaroslavl:

Yaroslavl is situated in 270km to North-East from Moscow.

You can reach Yaroslavl by train or by bus.

There will be free of charge transfer by buses from Moscow airports (train stations) to Yaroslavl from 1st to 4th of August and back on 6th and 7th of August.


Prize money will be paid in accordance to the FIS rollerski rules (FIS RR).The total prize money fund for the FIS WORLD CUP 2006 stage is 3 000 EUR and will be distributed for individual races between men and women as follows:


            SENIORS                                          JUNIORS


  1. PLACE- 250 EUR                           1.         PLACE- 125 EUR
  2. PLACE- 150 EUR                           2.         PLACE- 75 EUR                 
  3. PLACE- 100 EUR                           3.         PLACE- 50 EUR


During the proclamation ceremony awarded are getting a check that they can cash in the race office.

Winners of all classes will receive the medals.

The awarded will also have many other sponsorized prizes.



There are different classes:

Men or Women junior (born 1987/1991)

Men senior (born 1986/1966)

Women senior (born before 1986)

Men master I (born 1965/1956)    - for European rollerski Championships only

Men master II (born before 1955) - for European rollerski Championships only

Competition Rules:

The competitions will be held in compliance with FIS rollerski rules (FIS RR).


All athletes and officials have to be insured through their national federation. The organizer is not responsible for any injury to person or damage to property. All attendants have to be covered by an adequate insurance policy against accidents, illness and civil liability.


The organizers must receive the official entry forms by fax or by e-mail before July 25th, 2006 to race office. Teams that have more than 5 athletes in 1 category must send separate entries for FIS World Cup Rollerski and FIS European Championship Rollerski.



The organizers must receive the following information for athletes and officials by fax or by e-mail at the latest - 18.00 oclock July 24th, 2006 to race office:

-         the copies of first pages of passports (with photo),

-         their working and home addresses and phone numbers

-         towns where situated Russian Embassy (Consulate) where they will get the visas


Race Office:

XC-ski Federation of Yaroslavl region (Russia)

Yaroslavl, Sovetskaja square 

Fax number +7-485-2727356

Fax number +7-495-3737028 (Russian rollerski Federation)

E-mail: leogol@narod.ru 


Organizing Committee:


Russian XC-ski Federation Sub-committee Rollerski

XC-ski Federation of Yaroslavl region


Race director                                Victor Popov (Member of the Jury)

FIS Technical Delegate              Martins Niklass    (Member of the Jury)

National Technical Delegate       Leonid Golubkov (Member of the Jury)

Chief of time-keeping                  Nikolay Shchelkanov                       

Secretary of competition              Evgeny Anisimov

Member of committee                  Vladimir Loginov

Member of committee                  Alexander Zavialov 

Member of committee                 Galina Shlykova


Internet point (for officials) and press office in Yaroslavl during the race:

Address: Race office at Sovetskaja square

 Victor Popov,

President of Organizing Committee